Wednesday, 23 November 2011

you are a tourist

 Last Friday Tom and I travelled to Birmingham to see Death Cab For Cutie perform at The Birmingham Ballroom. After we had wandered around the wonderful German market there and had a pub dinner we went to go and watch my favourite band in the whole entire world. They were fantastic. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't play Marching Bands of Manhattan, but they did play A Lack of Colour which was just lovely. I will definitely be purchasing tickets to see them when they tour again (which I hope is very soon). We stayed at my Uncle's house afterwards and met my cousin's new chinchilla called Charlie, she was so cute! We caught a train back to Market Harborough very early the next morning to spend the next few days at home.

Once again it was so nice to be back at home. I spent a lot of time annoying my cats, I miss them so much when I'm in Liverpool. I went to watch my sister's dance show and it was great, it felt strange not being a part of it. We came home and had a curry, a post dance show tradition in my house. I spent Sunday with my Dad and we went to Rutland Reservoir before heading to a lovely pub for a drink. Sundays are most definitely my favourite day of the week. They should be filled with lie ins, bacon sandwiches and cups of tea, walks in nice weather, afternoons spent curled up on the settee with a newspaper, and finished with a delicious roast dinner. I almost can't wait to back in Leicestershire to spend more days like that.

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