Thursday, 26 January 2012


When I'm at university I miss my cat a lot. She's called Whisper and is twelve this year. She's so cute!!! If you want to see plenty more pictures of my cats then feel free to follow me on Instagram, my username is charlspencer.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

stars reflect in the resevoirs

It is so great be back home! I've spent quite a lot of time with my younger sister which has been nice. We went into Leicester on Thursday and I picked up a few items of clothing from Goldrush, it had an insane sale on and all womenswear was £10 or under! The top I'm wearing in the picture above was only £4 and though you can't really see it, it is the first item of clothing I own that has leopard print on it, it has two pockets on the front that also have the same fabric on them. I think starting out with a subtle collar has made me want to try even more things with this print on and I very much like wearing it with my Topshop lipstick in Rio Rio. I will hopefully blog about the other bits I got soon!
Yesterday I did quite a bit of baking with my sister and we made flapjack and some peanut butter cookies, everything was so yummy! I really love baking and it's my boyfriend's birthday next month and I'm already looking forward to making him a cake.
I ended up going to Leicester again with my friend today and I helped her chose her boyfriend's birthday presents. I bought something extremely cute from Paperchase for Valentines Day, we don't really do big presents (Tom did get me the most amazing flowers last year though) but this little thing is really funny! We had lunch at Bruccianis and I had a cherryade ice cream soda and it was so good, I will most likely dream of it tonight. I went over to my Dad's for more holiday planning for his 50th birthday an Indian takeaway tonight and I am still feeling so full up! I'll be having a lovely lazy Sunday tomorrow and even though I am full now, I cannot wait for the roast beef dinner I will be having tomorrow!

One of the best drinks in the world!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

instagram update

My baby, Leaf, lovely view of Liverpool, my favourite scarf, Nando's, view from the hotel I stayed at, McDonalds, leopard nails, Tallulah, snuggles with Phoebe, cat in a box, a snap that has just surfaced from my friend's 18th birthday.

I'm now back in Leicestershire after spending a week in Liverpool that was full of revision. I'm so glad it's all over now! I now get to spend two weeks at home which will be nice and will get even nicer when my boyfriend gets here next week. I hate spending time apart from him, even it is only for a week! I've started to use my Tumblr again, mainly to reblog pictures that are very pleasing to look at but hey! Follow if would like to here!

Oh, and my instagram username is charlspencer. I really love that app!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

i'm back in liverpool

On Sunday I returned to my little flat in Liverpool. If it wasn't for the essay that I have to hand in today then I would have been able to stay at home for an extra week. I'm not that upset really though, because after my exam this Monday I shall be going back home for another two weeks to annoy my cats before my lectures begin again at the end of January. However, it does mean that me and my boyfriend are doing that long distance thing for two weeks because he arrives back here just as I'm about to go home. So I have these three guys (girls? I'm not really sure what gender they are) to keep me company whilst I immerse myself in as much revision as I can until I get distracted by the internet.

Monday, 2 January 2012


Here's a summary of the year that I've had:

January: I spent the first few days of this month in New York, as my friends and I had travelled there on Boxing Day to spend New Year’s Eve there. It was an amazing holiday that was filled with shopping, ice-skating, going to restaurants and visiting museums, all whilst the city was covered in snow! It was nice to return home though; I’d missed Tom so much! Another fun memory of January was creating my Media coursework with my friends; we had to create a music video. We chose to use 'Seaside' by The Kooks and we filmed it all in one day, it was so much fun!

February: Tom and I spent out first Valentines Day together and we cooked a meal together, steak and garlic potatoes if I remember correctly! It was also Tom's birthday and we went to Manchester for the day. One of out friend's held a birthday party and the theme was 'Suit Up!', it was nice seeing everyone dressed so smartly!

March: Tom and I visited the University of Liverpool and became certain that it was where we wanted to go and study. We celebrated our one year anniversary at one of the nicest restaurants I've ever been to, Ascoughs. I hope we go again this year! March was also host to some of the best nights out, especially the Colts party held at the rugby club. I can't even count how many times I fell over that night. 

April: I spent a few nights in London just before the Royal Wedding took place. I went with my Dad and sister and we saw The Lion King musical and it was brilliant! I worked throughout the day of the Royal Wedding and there was a hog roast in celebration of it at the restaurant. I kind of wish I'd been able to celebrate it a bit more!

May: I finished sixth form in May and we had a Leavers Meal to celebrate it. Awards were also given out in an assembly earlier that day and I won one for 'Best Dressed Female' haha! The next day I went camping on Oxford for the weekend with Tom and his family. Despite the weather it was a really nice weekend, I became brave all of a sudden and jumped off a bridge!

June: I had the best time ever at Glastonbury, I don't think any festival could possibly compare to it. One of my favourite memories from Glasto was sitting on the grass with a Brothers strawberry cider and watching City and Colour just as the sun was setting. 

July: I went to Cornwall for a week with Tom and his family. Cornwall is one of my favourite places, I love it there! It was lovely spending the days walking around St Ives, bodyboarding, walking along beaches, eating scones, and spending the evenings BBQing before heading to a nearby pub. 

August: I visited some family in France for about ten days with Tom. It was our first time going abroad together and it was a really great relaxing holiday that was filled with sunbathing by the lake, drinking local wine, eating pastries, and going to the many fetes that were held by surrounding villages. Two days after we returned home I found out that I'd gotten into university, hooray!!! The rest of the month was spent celebrating with friends, especially my best friend as she turned 18 and had an awesome Mexican themed party.

September: I turned 19 at the beginning of the month and spent the day in Birmingham with Tom, in the evening we went out for dinner with my family at the restaurant where I work. My sister made me a wonderful cat cake. I moved to Liverpool a few days later and the little room in that picture became my home for the next few months. I had an excellent freshers week, made excellent friends, and explored Liverpool with Tom.

October: I had the best Halloween ever!!!!! In October I also began to really enjoy cooking, Tom and I make quite the culinary team! We did lots more sight seeing in Liverpool such as going to the top of one of the cathedrals, going out for cocktails, and spending afternoons down at the docks.

November: November was a really great month. We watched a massive fireworks display at Sefton Park when my Dad came to visit us in Liverpool. We also went out for dinner with him at an amazing restaurant called The Hub. Tom and I went to see our favourite band Death Cab For Cutie play in Birmingham and they were brilliant!!!! It was one of our friends birthdays and we all got dressed up and went to the casino, it was quite a strange experience! My best friend came up to visit me too and it was great having a catch up followed by a fun night out!

December: Possibly my favourite month! It was filled with loads of lovely festive activities with my flatmates. It was so so so nice coming home for Christmas and I really did have a wonderful one with my family. I also had quite an eventful yet fun New Year's Eve. 

I am almost certain that this year will be just as good, if not better, than last year!

christmas catch-up

Happy New Year!!!! I welcomed in the New Year at Ashley Ball and it was a lot of fun. Even though it is bit late, here a few photos of the lovely presents I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas.

A tartan scarf from Urban Outfitters, Topshop bag, crushed velvet leggings from New Look, Jamie Oliver cookbook that is filled with so many delicious recipes that I can't wait to try, my Dr Marten shoes from my boyfriend that have almost been glued to my feet since I was give them, cutest slippers and socks from Topshop, bits and bobs that were in my stocking, and a Citizen watch from my Dad.

I had a really lovely Christmas and I hope everyone else did too! I braved the sales on Boxing Day so I shall do a post on the bargains I bought soon.