Sunday, 13 November 2011


On Friday Tom and I travelled home and due to numerous delays and problems with the trains, it turned out to be rather a long journey! I did end getting a bit mardy as I just wanted to get home, however I cheered up considerably when I noticed that a woman nearby was holding a shih tzu puppy. It was going on it's second train journey, it was adorable! Cute animals aside, it did take bloody ages to get home! We left my flat at about 3 o'clock and I didn't arrive at my house until 9pm!
Once I got home I was greeted by cats, (who I had missed ever so much), my family, and a Chinese take-away! I also found out that the tickets I'd bought to see Death Cab For Cutie had finally arrived, hooray! I'm going to see them next Friday and I cannot wait. I saw them earlier this year and they were just fantastic, I really hope they play Marching Bands of Manhattan.
Yesterday I ventured into town with my Mum and sister as they both needed to get some bits and bobs for Liberty's upcoming dance show. It's probably going to feel quite strange when I watch it next week and I'm not taking part, I've been dancing there for about ten years! Leicester was very busy as the European market was there and I had to resist buying the ridiculously expensive but delicious olives. I did end up buying some slippers from a cheap shoe shop. I'd originally wanted the ones from Topshop but I found these ones for just half the price, brilliant! I also bought a rather jazzy shirt from Goldrush, I'm not sure exactly how I'll wear it yet but I was drawn in by it's lovely pastel colours of pink and turquoise. I popped into Primark, normally a massive mistake on a Saturday as it is horrendously busy, and bought some berry coloured leggings for only £3!
In the evening I went over to Tom's and we went out for dinner with his family to celebrate his little sister's 10th birthday. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant called Venetos. Afterwards Tom and I headed to Loaf and it was quite strange going in there and not seeing anyone I really recognised. We did have a nice chat with a few of Tom's friends, including one who is expecting a baby any day now. How exciting!!
This morning I finished my essay for Film Studies, I don't think I could write another word on expressionism in German cinema if I tried! I napped most of the afternoon away at my Nana's house. When I wasn't dosing off I caught up with some family that had popped over and snuggled on the sofa and read the newspaper whilst my Great Grandma watched Deal or No Deal. We all sat down to a delicious beef stew that was followed by possibly my all time favourite dessert, cherry pie. I had a really lovely Sunday!
I've packed up all my stuff to travel back to Liverpool tomorrow morning and I'm not too sad about heading back there as I know I'm coming home again next weekend for the gig and my sister's dance show. This week it is one of Tom's flatmates birthday and I think we could be heading to a casino for it which should be a lot of fun, and another excuse to wear this dress. I also hope to get my hair cut this week, the last time I had it cut was in December last year so it is most definitely due a trim!
I have seem to have babbled on quite a bit here so I'm going to go bed now and watch Smack The Pony on 4OD, it's such a funny show!

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