Monday, 27 February 2012

a weekend in wales

On Friday Tom and I travelled down to a little village in North Wales to stay with his Nana for the weekend. It was so lovely! We not only got to enjoy spending time with her and his relatives that lived nearby but we also were treated to yummy home-cooked dinners (roast dinner I have missed you), an almost constant supply of tea and biscuits, and we went on lovely long walks as the weather was wonderful. 
The first picture was taken in Llangollen, we went there on Saturday. We looked around the charity shops and unfortunately I didn't find anything but Tom found a denim Ralph Lauren shirt for just under £5! We had lunch in a little cafe before we went home to curl up on the sofa with a Chinese takeaway and Take Me Out. The rest of the photographs are from Sunday, we walked along a massive aqueduct which was actually quite scary! In the evening we left his Nana's feeling very happy and in my case, very full of roast dinner!
I think I've got another fun weekend in store as Tom has to go Manchester to sort out his Visa for his upcoming trip to China, so that means another trip to a city that I'm quite fond of! We found out today that Tom successfully gained a place to study in Copenhagen for the first semester of our second year. I am extremely happy and proud of him for doing so but I have felt a bit miserable this evening as I'm going to miss him so very much. I'm going to try and stop feeling glum now and make myself a cup of tea and watch How I Met Your Mother!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

the cool air will put your hard heart away

Yesterday Tom and I decided against going into town and instead we took a long walk around Sefton Park. Despite it being absolutely freezing, it was really lovely nice thing to do in the afternoon. We saw loads of dogs and my favourite was a sausage dog called Barney who kept trying to waddle his way back to his owners car. We continued our lazy afternoon by cooking burgers that we'd bought from the local butchers (so yummy and so cheap!) and watching Little Nicky.
Today has been equally as lazy and Tom is on his way over and I will be cooking Shepherd's Pie for dinner. I think we'll probably watch Trainspotting with my flatmates later but one of them has bought The Peter Serafinowicz Show back with him and I don't think I'll be able to say no to Brian Butterfield!

Friday, 10 February 2012

instagram update #2

Sparkly nails, a delicious pizza I had at Pizza Express before I went back to Uni, my cat, D.I.Y pearl collar, boyfriend after he'd eaten a massive plate of nachos, Liverpool Catholic cathedral, lunch at Bobolis, my flat's favourite song, boyfriend's bmx making my room all dirty, nails, my cat in a handbag, and a yummy hot chocolate.

So minus a few pictures of my cats, that's basically what I've been up to since I've been back in Liverpool! I'm really enjoying being back here, I'm finding my course really interesting so far this semester. I'm particularly enjoying studying European National Cinema as one of my modules for Film. Speaking of films, I really want to go and see The Muppets film but I can't convince my boyfriend or any of my flatmates to go with me! However, we are going to see The Woman in Black next week which I'm really looking forward to as I haven't been to the cinema in a while.
I'm actually really looking forward to the next couple of days as tomorrow I'm going to wander around Bold Street with my boyfriend and hopefully get lunch somewhere and on Sunday I'm cooking a Shepherd's pie, I really look forward to cooking things. Valentine's Day is on Tuesday and we're going for a cup of tea at Leaf,  and then we'll cook steak for dinner (which is becoming a tradition of ours), and then go to Hannah's Bar for a drink or two. It's my boyfriend's birthday on Sunday so before we travel home to celebrate it with family we'll be having a big flat-outing into Liverpool on Thursday night and I shall also be baking a cake!

Have nice weekends!

Friday, 3 February 2012

new shoes

I ordered these shoes a few weeks ago in the Office sale for about £12! I think they'll be perfect for the Summer and I really am looking forward to wearing them, and of course the nicer weather that Summer will hopefully bring as it is absolutely freezing in Liverpool right now!