Wednesday, 30 November 2011

take care

On Friday my best friend Georgia came to visit me and we had such a fun weekend together! After having a massive catch up on Friday evening, I showed her around Liverpool the next day. We had lunch at American Pizza Slice and I love it there! Apart from their delicious pizza slices being the best thing they sell there, they also serve Coke in glass bottles! Coke tastes the best from a glass bottles. We went out that evening and we ended up in Popworld, I think the name says it all!
The next morning Georgia caught her train home, a later train than originally planned as we were both feeling a bit worse for wear. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the flat and in the evening Tom and I went on a double date with one of his flatmates and their girlfriend. We went to Red Hot World Buffet and I definitely got my £13.99 worth of food! I still felt full the next morning!
This week has gone really quickly! I've had the mark back for an essay I did and was surprisingly pleased with the result, I've been to my first ever house viewing (most of us fell in love with the first house we saw, it was amazing!!), made a sausage casserole from scratch, and last night night I went out with Tom and our friend Pete and we always end up having a really fun night out with him (e.g I feel a bit hungover now and all I want to eat are crisps).
I think this afternoon Tom and I are heading into town to do a bit of Christmas shopping, I can't believe it's December tomorrow! I will definitely be watching Elf tomorrow.

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