Monday, 27 February 2012

a weekend in wales

On Friday Tom and I travelled down to a little village in North Wales to stay with his Nana for the weekend. It was so lovely! We not only got to enjoy spending time with her and his relatives that lived nearby but we also were treated to yummy home-cooked dinners (roast dinner I have missed you), an almost constant supply of tea and biscuits, and we went on lovely long walks as the weather was wonderful. 
The first picture was taken in Llangollen, we went there on Saturday. We looked around the charity shops and unfortunately I didn't find anything but Tom found a denim Ralph Lauren shirt for just under £5! We had lunch in a little cafe before we went home to curl up on the sofa with a Chinese takeaway and Take Me Out. The rest of the photographs are from Sunday, we walked along a massive aqueduct which was actually quite scary! In the evening we left his Nana's feeling very happy and in my case, very full of roast dinner!
I think I've got another fun weekend in store as Tom has to go Manchester to sort out his Visa for his upcoming trip to China, so that means another trip to a city that I'm quite fond of! We found out today that Tom successfully gained a place to study in Copenhagen for the first semester of our second year. I am extremely happy and proud of him for doing so but I have felt a bit miserable this evening as I'm going to miss him so very much. I'm going to try and stop feeling glum now and make myself a cup of tea and watch How I Met Your Mother!


  1. Lovely pics, you cant beat a nice walk followed by a roastie!

  2. omg wales seems like an amazing place!
    great photos and lovely post :)