Saturday, 21 January 2012

stars reflect in the resevoirs

It is so great be back home! I've spent quite a lot of time with my younger sister which has been nice. We went into Leicester on Thursday and I picked up a few items of clothing from Goldrush, it had an insane sale on and all womenswear was £10 or under! The top I'm wearing in the picture above was only £4 and though you can't really see it, it is the first item of clothing I own that has leopard print on it, it has two pockets on the front that also have the same fabric on them. I think starting out with a subtle collar has made me want to try even more things with this print on and I very much like wearing it with my Topshop lipstick in Rio Rio. I will hopefully blog about the other bits I got soon!
Yesterday I did quite a bit of baking with my sister and we made flapjack and some peanut butter cookies, everything was so yummy! I really love baking and it's my boyfriend's birthday next month and I'm already looking forward to making him a cake.
I ended up going to Leicester again with my friend today and I helped her chose her boyfriend's birthday presents. I bought something extremely cute from Paperchase for Valentines Day, we don't really do big presents (Tom did get me the most amazing flowers last year though) but this little thing is really funny! We had lunch at Bruccianis and I had a cherryade ice cream soda and it was so good, I will most likely dream of it tonight. I went over to my Dad's for more holiday planning for his 50th birthday an Indian takeaway tonight and I am still feeling so full up! I'll be having a lovely lazy Sunday tomorrow and even though I am full now, I cannot wait for the roast beef dinner I will be having tomorrow!

One of the best drinks in the world!


  1. Lovely top =]

    Tanesha x

  2. Your hair is gorgeous, love the collar of your top too!

    Cat xxx